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Battling Natural Disasters
A Governors Roundtable

April 16th, 2019 Part of: .

This event has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.  ### Battling Natural Disasters: A Governors Roundtable Presented jointly with Reuters Live webcast will be on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Noon-1pm ET An on-demand video will be posted after the event. Tornadoes, floods, ice storms, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires. Every year, natural disasters kill hundreds Read More…

High U.S. Healthcare Costs
What Might Congress Do?

April 4th, 2019 Part of: .

High U.S. Healthcare Costs: What Might Congress Do? Presented jointly with POLITICO LLC The United States spends more on health care per capita than other developed countries — much more. One recent paper estimated that U.S. costs were 25 percent higher than the next closest country. Recent polls have shown that reducing health care costs Read More…

Feeding 10 Billion By 2050
Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Food Future

March 22nd, 2019 Part of: .

FEEDING 10 BILLION BY 2050: Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Food Future Presented jointly with NBC News Digital What does a sustainable and healthy future mean when it comes to food production, consumption and resulting environmental impacts? With nearly a billion people globally going hungry and nearly two billion eating the wrong food, the answer Read More…

Rare Cancers
Charting a Faster Route to Treatment

February 1st, 2019 Part of: .

RARE CANCERS: Charting a Faster Route to Treatment Supported by The Economist Group Friday, February 1, 2019 Rare cancers present doctors, researchers, and patients with a unique set of challenges. Rare cancers often are diagnosed at later stages. Patients typically have limited treatment options, in part because the small number of diagnoses makes gold-standard  clinical Read More…

The New Congress
What’s Next on Crucial Health and Education Issues?

January 23rd, 2019 Part of: .

THE NEW CONGRESS: What’s Next on Crucial Health and Education Issues? Presented jointly with POLITICO LLC In this uniquely insightful Forum, experts examined key health and education policies — and their broad implications — that are likely to be enacted by the new Congress. The panelists discussed the current climate, including the government shutdown. For Read More…

The 2018 Midterm Elections
Key Issues for Healthcare

November 1st, 2018 Part of: .

THE 2018 MIDTERM ELECTIONS: Key Issues for Healthcare Presented jointly with Reuters Brief Video Highlight Thursday, November 1, 2018, Noon-1pm ET Healthcare has again emerged as a pivotal issue for American voters. Conversations around preexisting conditions protections, short-term health plans, drug costs and premium rates are as contentious as ever. Debates around Medicare and Medicaid Read More…