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    We welcome everyone today to our conversation about climate change and health, presented jointly with Reuters.

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    We will post a transcript of this event on this website next week.

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    We also will post a video on-demand on this site, immediately after the event.

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    We will have a Q&A towards the end of this event. You can post your questions for the panelists here or email them to theforum@hsph.harvard.edu.

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    We also wanted to thank Reuters for the use of the short video clip we showed during this panel.

  • Curt Newton

    Are there specific efforts to bring more states into the alliance? If better health and more jobs are truly the message, what else is needed to bring these reluctant states along?

  • wmscottp

    to Ms McCarthy: Texas became the leading wind energy producer under the governorship of Rick Perry. To further understand how this is NOT a partisan issue but an issue of health and economics, can you elaborate on how other red states are addressing climate change issues with renewables? thanks in advance

  • Lee Ballance

    Kudos to Gina McCarthy for emphasizing local activism. It has resulted in 30 Republicans joining 30 Democrats to discuss climate solutions in the House Climate Solutions Caucus through the work of Citizens Climate Lobby and others.

  • What should those at HCSPH who are in a ‘global health’ culture do in thinking about modernizing power production elsewhere WITHOUT disadvantaging – or appearing to disadvantage – the USA, which is hosting this thinking, evaluation, and knowledge production process – as in HCSPH?

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    Thank you all for these great questions and comments. I have passed them along.

  • How can US states do what needs to be done to optimize the developments in knowledge production about renewables and grid developments, etc.?

  • Will the ‘anthropogenic’ deal us a better environmental hand than the current US President expects ?
    How could we ever know and become confident of that?

  • Audience question on phasing out the meat industry… I agree. Go vegan!

  • How can some claim that carbon is not an environmental pollutant?
    Some SAY that ‘carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant’.

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    Quick reminder that we will post shortly an on-demand video after this panel is over. We also will post a transcript next week.

  • Talking about private duties for rooftop PV overlooks the many who live in multi-unit residences (coops, apartments, condos, dorms).

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    Join us again a week from today when we will talk about Eradicating Polio: Reaching the Last Child, presented jointly with NPR, from 11am-noon pm ET https://theforum.sph.harvard.edu/events/eradicating-polio/

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    Thank you all for joining us today.

  • Mirela Tanc

    Great forum!

  • Greta Eckhardt

    Thanks for putting together an inspiring panel with voices from medicine, government and corporate business! A strong case was made for clean production of energy as a way to address climate change, and great examples of actions were offered. We also need to remember that energy conservation and other means of reducing energy use, particularly in the building sector, can have a big impact on global emissions of carbon dioxide.