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Research suggests that educating girls and women safeguards their well-being, ensures healthy future generations, alleviates poverty, and boosts GDP. Yet alarming discrepancies persist between genders and within and among nations on who receives quality, sustained education and, consequently, who experiences the most opportunities to thrive. This Forum event examined the sources of these discrepancies, including entrenched biases and predatory acts such as trafficking, and reviewed efforts to raise up the world’s girls through health and education.

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  • Christina Roache

    What do you think are the key interventions to ensuring children (girls) with disabilities have equal access to a basic education? And how do ensure that health and education professionals do not adopt a medical approach to disability and try to “fix” children with disabilities?
    Denise Conway

  • Christina Roache

    Are the young girls in the clips actors?

  • Christina Roache

    Can Richard speak to the nuance between reenacting scenes to depict real situations and filming actual situations as they happen?

  • Christina Roache

    In addition to the challenges with primary education, quality, transition to secondary, I’d also like to highlight from my work in supporting child rights and education programs globally the importance of appropriate secondary education. The skills that students – esp girls – leave with need may not be simply passing a test or reading/writing but also business, lifeskills, negotiation, etc.

  • Christina Roache

    There’s been much attention to early childhood development and women’s health recently, as well as the new push towards attention on adolescent girls thanks to a handful of donors and researchers. I’m interested to 1) hear more about the distinctions made between girls, women, and adolescents – how are experts such as yourselves defining these terms and understanding their implications, and 2) efforts on critically understanding and encouraging the role of men and/or boys in response.

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  • In all over the world, Education is much important one. So, the Education is starts from the school life, this is the basement for children to learn basics. In my experience, i was studied a best school in India placed in Bangalore north named as Presidency CBSE school. In that school, the teachers way of teaching is different , because they always use to make as to do practical whatever we have red . So, doing practical it would not forget. So, In my experience i am suggesting the school to the parents , make your children life as good.

  • Girl education

    We need to break social , cultural and economic barriers which reinforces these inequalities. Violence against women is also a threat to our sustainable living standards. As this Year 2014 we are celebrating World population day 2014 , its theme is investing in Youth who are the future of our nation. Women in India are subjected to discrimination and violence starting at birth. It is time to reverse this and they will be our focus these eight days. So pledge to protect, support, spread awareness or better still, take action, to make India truly equitable for her women. It is time to ensure their dignity, safety, health and growth. A brighter future for women translates into a brighter future for the country.