High U.S. Healthcare Costs
What Might Congress Do?


High U.S. Healthcare Costs: What Might Congress Do?
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The United States spends more on health care per capita than other developed countries — much more. One recent paper estimated that U.S. costs were 25 percent higher than the next closest country. Recent polls have shown that reducing health care costs has emerged as one of the public’s top priorities for President Trump and the new Congress. Polls also show that health care costs are the leading pocketbook issue for families. To date, most discussion has been about prescription drug costs, but polling data suggest that the issue is likely to broaden as we approach the 2020 election to include debates on increasing government intervention vs. encouraging private sector competition to reduce costs.  What might a divided Congress do? Drawing on a newly released poll by POLITICO and the Harvard Chan School, a panel of experts considered various solutions that have emerged to reduce health care costs.

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