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  • This is going to be a great panel!!!!!

  • I am developing my next grant, and would like Dr. Williams to discuss his ideas, referenced in his 2009, co-authored paper with Mohammed about “conventional stress management strategies may not be effective in relieving the personal suffering linked to racial discrimination.” What ideas does he have?

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      Hi, Great question. Thanks for asking it!

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    The new focus should be on transparency. There are public officials who live transparent lives but they are paid for it. They can vote themselves a salary raise. Then there are those who are not on welfare, not on unemployment, not on social security but their lives are transparent. They cant escape their transparency and they are not paid for it. These people want access to the transparency of public officials.

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  • …but I would like to ask that the discussion not be based only on “race”, because it minimizes that these particular African American men were also poor.

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    Yes, you are absolutely correct, and our participants will be discussing other factors including poverty, employment and education opportunities — and how these relate to health.

  • I am also concerned about that this issue of health disparity not only be referenced through the experience of boys and men, this perspective minimizes the violence on black girls, black women, as well as transwomen of color.

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  • African Americans are people…I am trying not to be too judgmental right now.

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  • The answer is not just hiring African American because of their skin color, I think that we have to have a deeper conversation about ideology and not linking melanin as proscriptive of critical and social consciousness. This type of thinking minimizes that all Black people do not think alike, just as not all White people think alike. Dr. Brian Ragsdale

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      Thank you so much, Dr. Ragsdale, for your thoughtful comments. I’m wondering about your thoughts in how to change ideology.

      • We change ideologies by conceptualizing what they are, first. I also do not want to be perceived as disrespectful of my colleagues, and want to underscore that resolving the problem will be multiply determined. I do not want to fall into the trap of having to both define the problem and then define the solution, which is often the trap of being a scholar of color. I am a published author, please see my discussion about race, sexual orientation in the American Psychologist. With all of that said– White supremacy is not openly discussed, but WS is an ideological platform that advances these disparate impacts across, law, health, juvenile justice, housing, voting rights and so forth. We continue to imbue those who subscribe to White supremacy as an ideological system to be rewarded. Defining the problem within a framework of ideologies then helps us to deconstruct the structural elements implicit in the construction of these systems. As Eduardo Bonilla-Silva reminds us, racists don’t change racism….Prof. Lani Guiner (sp?) who I am missing on this panel also, is on the right track by challenging our concepts of meritocracy. Merit has to be reconfigured as an ideological system that supports white supremacy in its current form. Thank you for asking Forum moderator.

  • …but what about poor White people….Yale Prof, James Forman jr. talks about the increase of poor whites and latinos in prison complex. To continue to talk about this from the white-black binary only reifies both groups as objectivied groups. What about education, what about class? What about native Americans, and Latino…..I’ll stop here my fingers are starting to ache from typing.

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    We’re pleased that all of our viewers have been able to join us today. If you missed any of this webcast, we will post the video in full on this website and on YouTube and iTunesU early next week.

  • Yes, the organizers are transwomen of color, and people with different genders. This shift is very early on, and so to expect that we need to qualify the model is premature.

  • With all due respect, Thomas Jefferson also had a relationship with Sally Hemings, he actually constructed distinct forms of marriage, one with his white wife and the other with a women from the African diaspora

  • Justin Sanders

    Would any commentators be willing to comment on gun laws and how they might serve as a tool for the reinforcement of structural violence in our communities?

  • Natalie Knochenhauer

    How can nonprofit public health organizations join this important work?

  • “The Traffic Stop Data Analysis Project is a 5 year study by Madison Police. It shows that while blacks make up only 6% of Madison’s population, they receive 19% of all traffic citations.”- http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/2731256.html

  • So is Dr. Williams pointing us toward a discussion of White supremacy or are we saying that “whitelifematters as a proxy?

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    Thanks Justin Sanders, Natalie Knochenhauer and Dr. Ragsdale for your comments and questions.

  • WellnessWoman13

    Problem: There is no complete, accurate list of individuals who are killed by law enforcement. That shows society that police are hiding something and do not want the information known. Also hypocritical since I believe there is a central list of police officers killed on the force.

  • Chiara C.

    The statement “equal treatment of unequal people is not fair” resonates deeply to me, especially as a statement that sums up the mechanisms of neoliberal economics and policies generated by neoliberalism — the idea that everyone is on an “equal playing field” when in truth vast disparities pervade. Can any of the panelists speak to opportunities for policy/economic interventions to impact racial disparities in public health?

  • Vanessa Littleton

    I live in Orlando, FL and teach at the University of Central Florida. We are in the process of planning to build a new campus in downtown Orlando. Many claim these types of urban renewal projects negatively impact minorities who tend to be located close to the central business district. How can the university and city work together to ensure that minorities in our communities are not disadvantaged because of our efforts to enhance our city?

    • TomTito

      USF St. Petersburg went through a similar process and was included in a redevelopment plan that demolished thousands of affordable homes. My Bartlett Park neighborhood was in the plan for demolition and displacement but we were spared. The first step is to recognize that your neighbors are not the enemy.

    • TomTito

      UCF could provide student interns to help downtown residents organize and develop a community preservation program. USF Anthropology students helped my neighborhood association. A few St. Pete city leaders cared about low wage residents and provided affordable homes to prevent displacement. The late Mayor Charles Schuh was a strong advocate for these residents as well as a fiscal conservative. He used renovation of old buildings to reduce cost and increased density to generate wealth in a redevelopment project for the north part of downtown that replaced blight with affordable homes. Since then residents have been moved with promises of new homes that sometimes were never built. An historic minority neighborhood was cleared to make room for a baseball stadium with only 3 new taxpayer funded churches provided. A Black majority area was rebranded as “Midtown” as about a third of residents moved out. The city and county are now starting a Community Redevelopment Agency that should become a model. You could learn from our successes and failures.

  • I think it is more than a sentiment, many poor whites are left out of the discussion…So agreed Dr. Krieger…yes, so agreed. We also minimize Black women in these conversations, and as an African American PhD, I see how my male privilege is used in ways to silence the voice and experience of black girls and women. #blackgirlsmatter–please see Prof Kimberle Crenshaw Please moderator ask the panel to speak about this in some way. Our conversations are quite masculinist and speaks to patriarchy in the way this discussion is being talked about.

  • Well everyone, you can see that I really tried to voice my connection to this conversation. And hopefully the fact that I raised these questions will be a part of the education for public health graduates at Harvard. Good luck.

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    Yes, thank you all for watching today and a special thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts and comments. Apologies if we were unable to get to everyone’s questions. This hour has passed quickly!

    • Thanks Lisa great job. I know the pressure of having to articulate succinct questions.

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    Excellent Webinar! Many thanks for hosting and sharing this information with those of us working in our communities to make change.

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    Just a quick reminder that we will post the full-length on demand video on this web page as well as on YouTube and iTunes U.

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    We also thank our media collaborator, Reuters.

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    Will those slides used be posted anywhere?

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      Hi, They will be part of the video that will be posted on our site. I hope that is helpful.

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    If you are interested, you may want to join us next Thursday, Feb 12, 12:30pm, to watch a webcast on “Women and Heart Disease”

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    Thank you again. Our event has come to an end. Thank you all for joining us.

  • Reverend Dr. Brigitte A. Black

    Is there a transcript available of the forum, “Race, Criminal Justice and Health?”

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    Thank you. We will post a transcript next week.

  • That Governor in the first ten minutes was EVERYTHING. He is awesome for plainly communication the truths.

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    This webinar was so impressive. I definitely feel like there were nuggets of information by all panels I can take back to my community and do. Wow.