Saving Lives that Give Life
Preventing Maternal Deaths and Advancing Women’s Health


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Investing resources in the health and well-being of women benefits societies in multiple ways. Recent years have witnessed the global development community focused increasingly on advancing women’s health. Yet, many challenges — some life threatening — persist. More than 280,000 women died in 2010 during pregnancy and from childbirth complications, according to the United Nations. Many of those deaths and injuries were preventable. Access to quality health care and health education remains crucial. This Forum event featured three unique perspectives — Dean Julio Frenk, who has called for a Women and Health agenda; Professor Ana Langer, who has been a leading researcher and advocate to improve health care for women; and Christy Turlington Burns, who has spurred public interest in preventing maternal deaths through her documentary No Woman, No Cry and her Every Mother Counts advocacy and mobilization campaign.

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