The Ebola Disaster
How Did We Get Here and What's Next?


The current Ebola outbreak is the largest outbreak of the hemorrhagic disease in history, according to the CDC. Experimental treatments and vaccine testing offer hope of relief. However, the crisis has dramatically strained healthcare systems and humanitarian efforts, while sparking deep concern in the public. How did we get here and what’s to be done to help the affected countries and to prevent further spread?

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  • Ray Howe

    Two comments here 1 Hemp , i believe that commercial hemp could save the world ! It can be grown very quickly and made into many things :- the best paper you can get , all building materials , fuel for the cars trucks ect. medicines … the list goes on . 2 Ebola can be CURED! by Vitamin C orally or intravienusly but the doctors and medics would rather people died !