Thwarting Killer Mosquitoes
The State-of-the-Art Fight Against Malaria and West Nile Virus


While many mosquitoes are little more than nuisance insects, some species are capable of transmitting deadly illnesses to humans. According to the CDC, 2012 was the worst year for West Nile virus. Malaria — long-battled — continues to defy eradication, despite renewed efforts to control and eliminate the disease. This Forum event focused on the fight against these deadly illnesses, emphasizing the latest technologies in mosquito control, challenges in drug resistance, and critical need to sustain efforts — even after incidence declines. This event also explored controversies surrounding genetically modified mosquitoes, pesticides, cross-border control, and counterfeit antimalarial drugs.

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Image Credit: CDC/ James Gathany, Dr. Frank Collins, University of Notre Dame