David Hammond

Dr. Hammond was a panelist for the Forum’s discussion on E-cigarette Regulation.

David Hammond’s research focuses on population-level interventions to reduce chronic disease, with a focus on policies and regulations. This includes tobacco control policy in the areas of health communications, packaging, and product regulation, as well as obesity-prevention and nutritional labelling research. Dr. Hammond is also conducting research in the area of harm reduction and drug policy. Dr. Hammond works closely with regulatory agencies around the world and has previously served as an Advisor to the World Health Organization for Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Dr. Hammond recently received the Canada’s Premier Young Researcher Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and is a past recipient of the Canadian Medical Association Journal’s Top Canadian Achievements in Health Research Awards 2009 for his work with Geoff Fong and Mary Thompson as part of the International Tobacco Control Policy project, conducted in more than a dozen low and middle income countries.