Gokhan Hotamisligil

Dr. Gökhan Hotamisligil was a panelist for The Forum’s discussion on Stroke: Successes and Setbacks with a Notorious Silent Killer.

Dr. Hotamisligil, MD, is the Chair for the Department of Molecular Metabolism, for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His research efforts focus on the genetic basis of common and complex diseases, particularly obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. His research examines the molecular mechanisms of nutrient sensing and response pathways as they relate to immune and metabolic homeostasis. He is an internationally recognized leader with many seminal contributions including the discoveries that defined immunological components of obesity and led to the emergence of the field of immunometabolism, discovery of novel hormones regulating lipid and glucose metabolism, and endoplasmic reticulum as a key organelle regulating cellular and organismic metabolism, and its role in obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Dr. Hotamisligil pursues interdisciplinary paths, collaborations, and industry alliances towards development of novel preventive and therapeutic strategies against chronic metabolic diseases. His work has resulted in >180 papers which have received >40,000 citations and resulted in multiple patents.

Dr. Hotamisligil has been recognized with many fellowships and awards including Markey, Pew, and AAAS Fellowships, the Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment Award of ADA, Wertheimer Award from IASO, Koç Science Award, Roy Greep Award of Endocrine Society, and the International Danone Prize. He is also a member of the Board of trustees of the Kadir Has University.