Juliet Choi

Juliet K. Choi is an accomplished strategist, thought leader and social justice attorney who specializes in the transformation of policies and programs for entities that serve the public at large, in both federal and NGO settings. A Presidential appointee and respected leader at the highest levels of federal and third sector governance, Juliet’s diverse roles include Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, and Senior Director of Disaster Partnerships for the American Red Cross. Juliet’s proven ability to maximize fiscal and human capital resources, expand organizational impact and reach, and achieve time-sensitive objectives, is evident in her exceptional track record of mission-critical successes in every position she has held to date.

Juliet offers deep experience in the areas of immigration, civil rights, healthcare, and humanitarian affairs/disaster relief, with an extensive portfolio of results in system reform, crisis management, legislative/intergovernmental affairs, conflict resolution, compliance and enforcement, impact litigation, media/stakeholder relations, and community mobilization. She is widely-known for her skills in the development and execution of compelling and forward-thinking solutions that drive clarity, concision and cohesion, and her leadership style is notable for its inclusivity, resiliency, and willingness to champion meaningful innovation and change within the most complex and challenging of environments.

From her exceptional partnership-building results for the American Red Cross, to her thoughtful, progressive operational leadership of the world’s largest immigration agency, Juliet has continuously accelerated positive outcomes on social justice fronts, and remains committed to improving the lives of under-served Americans in any capacity in which her broad experience can be effectively utilized.