Kimberly Gray

Dr. Gray was a panelist for the Forum’s discussion on Chemical Exposures and the Brain.

Kimberly Gray, Ph.D. received both her B.S. degree in behavioral neuroscience and a Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh. During her graduate training, Gray gained experience as an interviewer and assessor while working on the Women’s Health Initiative and Cardiovascular Health study. She received a National Research Service Award from NIAAA with Dr. Nancy Day to examine the long-term effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco and childhood outcomes.

After her defense, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the NIEHS Epidemiology Branch with Matthew Longnecker, Ph.D. During this training period, she examined the long-term effects of polychlorinated biphenyl exposure during pregnancy and childhood development using the specimens and data collected from the Collaborative Perinatal Project. In August 2001, she returned to NIEHS as a scientific program administrator for the Susceptibility and Population Health Branch where she directs the NIEHS and EPA Centers for Children’s Environmental Health & Disease Prevention Research, and the larger environmental pediatric epidemiology portfolio supported by NIEHS. She also serves as the NIEHS senior advisor for certificates of confidentiality, is a member of the NIEHS protocol advisory board, and is the NIEHS liaison of the Interagency Coordinating Committee to the National Children’s Study.