Mandell Crawley

27 years ago, as a curious teenager, Mandell Crawley landed a high school internship on a relatively small municipal bond sales and trading desk in Chicago. Today, he sits in the global headquarters of Morgan Stanley as Head of Private Wealth Management.

A self-starter by nature, Crawley has spent his entire career at the firm, paving his path from intern to senior leadership with hard work, a collaborative mindset and an appetite for learning new things. Since being named head of Private Wealth Management in 2017, he has drawn on that deep well of experience, which includes multiple businesses and leadership roles, to refine a boutique experience that makes Morgan Stanley the go-to private wealth adviser for some of the world’s most exclusive clients. Crawley shares his insights on Managing Wealth With Purpose in this Morgan Stanley Minute.

While the key to success is rooted in the firm’s fundamental strengths and core values, Crawley also knows that the real differential comes through personal engagement. “This business is all about relationships and trust. We win by putting clients first. The brand of our firm is driven by our people. We are a relationship-based, talent-driven organization at our core.”