Staci Gruber

Dr. Gruber was a panelist for the Forum’s discussion on Marijuana: The Latest Scientific Findings and Legalization.

Dr. Staci Gruber is director of the CCNC and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Her clinical and research focus is the application of neurocognitive models and multimodal brain imaging to better characterize neurobiological risk factors for substance abuse and psychopathology. Dr. Gruber’s lab has examined the etiologic bases of neural models of dysfunction in patients with psychiatric disorders as well as marijuana-abusing adults. She has published in numerous journals and been the focus of national and international symposia and press conferences.

Dr. Gruber is involved in the application of behavioral science to help shape policies regarding juvenile advocacy. Her ongoing initiative to educate policymakers, judges, attorneys and the public has had local and national impact. She also directs the MIND program, designed to clarify the effects of recreational and most recently, medical, marijuana on brain structure, function, and quality of life.