Stephanie Fryberg

Stephanie A. Fryberg was a panelist on the forum’s discussion about Native American Experiences with Discrimination.

Dr. Stephanie Fryberg is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and an Affiliate Faculty member in American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona. Her primary research interests focus on how social representations of race, culture, and social class influence the development of self and identity. Her recent publications include, Of warrior chiefs and Indian princesses: The psychological consequences of American Indian mascots on American Indians (with H.R. Markus, D. Oyserman, & J. M. Stone), Identity-based motivation and health (with D. Oyserman & N. Yoder), and Cultural models of education in American Indian, Asian American, and European American contexts (with H. R. Markus). In 2009, Dr. Fryberg (with D. Oyserman & N. Yoder) received the Excellence in Research Award from the Society for Social Work Research, for Identity-based motivation and health article (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) and in 2007, Dr. Fryberg was the recipient of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Louise Kidder Early Career Award for contributions of research to society and the University of Arizona Five Star Faculty Award for excellence in undergraduate education.